Our Students’ Universities

Students from Rwanda attend the best universities in Rwanda. Below are brief descriptions of the main universities where our students study.

The National University Of Rwanda (Nur)

Founded in 1963, the National University of Rwanda is the oldest university in Rwanda. Its mission is " to generate and disseminate high quality interdisciplinary knowledge and promote effective research, skills training and social service in the interest of national competitiveness and sustainable socio-economic development.”

Faculty of Finance and banking (SFB)

The school of Finance and banking, based in Kigali, is the leading financial research institution in Rwanda. The new generation of SFB students specialize in areas such as accounting, finance, and marketing.

Kigali Institute Of Science And Technology (Kist)

Kist is the first State Technological Institute of higher education in Rwanda; it was conceived as a UNDP project in 1997 with a mandate to develop technical and scientific achievements. Offers degrees in engineering, technology, mathematics, chemistry, physics and other sciences.

Kigali Institute Of Health

With campuses in Kigali and kibuya, khi specializes in training and development of future medical professionals in Rwanda. Generation of students from Rwanda at ki study anesthesiology, nursing, physiotherapy, Environmental Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences and Dentistry.

Kigali Institute of Education (KIE)

Established in 1999, Kie trains qualified professionals, especially teachers, to meet the needs of Rwanda's education system by training qualified teachers who will create the best learning environment for young Rwanda. Kie also conducts research on education in Rwanda.

Institute of Agriculture and livestock (ISAE)

It was founded in Busogo in 1989 to train engineers, technicians and veterinarians to work in agriculture and related fields. Specialists who graduated from the institute will use their skills to achieve food security and reduce poverty.

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