Igniting an education revolution.

Generation Rwanda is working to build a model that could transform higher education across the developing world. We find Rwanda's brightest students that can't afford university, fund their education, and train them to become leaders in Africa's emerging information economy. By opening a path to university for brilliant students from vulnerable backgrounds, we believe that our work has the potential to revolutionize an entire society—making it smarter, more agile, and truly meritocratic. 

Based in Rwanda, we find the country’s brightest students that can’t afford university, fund their education, and train them to become leaders in Africa’s emerging information economy.

The next generation of leaders.

Admission into the Generation Rwanda program is the most competitive of its kind in the developing world. Unlike traditional university admissions, which relies solely on standardized test performance, we look at the complete candidate, from class rank to essay responses to extracurricular activities.

Applicants participate in three intense rounds of selection. Last year, we received over 4,000 applications from graduating students in rural schools and orphanages across Rwanda, and fewer than 1% were accepted into the program. The students that win out are some of Africa's most gifted thinkers and visionaries.

More than a scholarship.

All Generation Rwanda students receive much more than tuition payments. They get a supplemental education from our academic team that far exceeds the typical university experience in Rwanda. In addition to their university classes, we help them catch up to their more affluent peers in English, train them to apply for internships and market themselves in a competitive economy, and build leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

We've also imported some critical features from university life in the developed world: notably, collaborative dorm living, where our students can support each other through difficult courses.

All in all, a year of study costs $3,000 per student, including university tuition and our supplemental services. We consider that a bargain price to transform a life.

Africa 2.0

More than 95% of our students graduate. That's over 25% higher than the national average, and better than almost any American scholarship program.

But we're even more proud of what our students are able to do after graduating.  94% are employed within a year—in fields like law, nonprofit and business management, software engineering, and medicine. And many are on track for the sort of game-changing careers that can help transform Rwanda's economy and political system. 

Member Aid For Africa

Generation Rwanda is a participating member of Aid for Africa, a unique partnership of nonprofit organizations serving families and communities throughout Africa.