About Rwanda

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Rwanda, known as the country of a Thousand Hills, is located in central and East Africa and borders Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With a population of more than 10 million people in an area the size of the U.S. State of Maryland, Rwanda is the most populous как сделать самогонку. Rwanda was one of the last regions in Africa to fall under European colonial rule and has a complex and fascinating history. A summary of this story, as well as other country background information, can be found in the Wikipedia article on Rwanda. Social, economic and demographic information about Rwanda can be found in the CIA World Factbook.

Rwanda is a country where at least 800,000 people were killed between April and July 1994. To learn more about the genocide in Rwanda, please visit our Rwandan genocide page. However, since 1994, Rwanda has become one of the most outstanding success in the world, as a nation is recognized for both economic and social development. Some of the awards given to the nation are:

 In 2007, Rwanda was named"the most successful country in sub-Saharan Africa" according to an authoritative international study.

- Fortune Magazine recognized Rwanda for its ability to attract foreign investment in article titled “Why CEOs love Rwanda”.

- The Africa Business Forum recently recognized Rwanda’s efforts to promote tourism and commerce by awarding the nation its Most Improved Business Climate Award.

As the Rwandan government and other have noted, the nation’s progress depends on the nation’s ability to create a talented, driven workforce that will help transform the economy into one that is based on knowledge rather than agriculture. Please visit our page on higher education in Rwanda to learn more about how Generation Rwanda’s work supports Rwanda’s development goals.

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