Our Students

Currently, 145 students study at universities in Rwanda, including 28 new students that were admitted during the summer of 2012. The new students started their studies at the University in September 2012. As of summer 2012, 106 students have graduated from universities under the generation Rwanda program.

Generation Rwanda supports a highly motivated group of talented and deserving students who have overcome extraordinary difficulties to graduate from high school and pass the entrance exams to the National University. Many Rwandans are orphans; they all come from socially vulnerable groups and would not be able to enter university without our support. These young men and women are gathered from all regions of the country. Despite the fact that they study in different directions, our students are united by a desire to improve their lives and the lives of other people.

On the left you can click on the names to read the autobiographies of some of our major students. We are inspired by our students and hope that getting to know them will inspire you too!

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