Core Scholarship

Support for higher education for young people in difficulty throughout the Rwandan generation meets an urgent need. Rwanda's future depends on the availability of talented professionals in all areas, including public health, and generation Rwanda is helping to meet this need by providing talented Rwandans with a unique opportunity to realise their potential.

- Dr. Paul Farmer, founder of Partners In Health and author of the bestseller "mountains beyond mountains"

Generation Rwanda provides its talented and dedicated students with the most comprehensive university scholarship in Rwanda. The scholarship consists of two main elements: (1) the main scholarship and (2) study programs that allow our students to excel academically and professionally. The following are the elements of the main scholarship.

Training support

All generations of Rwandan students receive full support for tuition, fees and books throughout their university studies. Most of our students are enrolled in four-year degree programs, but some are enrolled in degree programs that last five years (engineering) or six years (medicine).

Monthly stipend

We expect all our students to be fully committed to the university and education programmes of the Rwanda generation. Therefore, each student participating in the program is provided with a monthly stipend, which frees him from the need to look for that would meet his personal needs or the needs of his extended family (if he is the head of the household). The scholarship also allows students to complete a free internship during the academic year, which will help them prepare for a career.

Housing construction

The apartment is one of the most important elements of the scholarship. Most of our students, including more than 60 Rwandan students from the Rwandan national university in Butare, live in group homes rented by the organization. Our students, all of whom come from sensitive backgrounds, consider this element of the scholarship to be extremely important because it gives students instant community, and our homes create an atmosphere conducive to learning and collaboration.

Health care

We support all medical needs of our students, including all specialized care and all expenses related to serious illnesses. All medical services are managed by our medical officer, a nurse, whose office includes a small clinic, so that she can take care of the minor medical needs of the students. In addition, we can meet the mental health needs of our students by providing access to independent professional counselors with whom we have agreements to serve our students.

Consultancy and training

All students are selected by one Rwandan staff member who is a consultant to the student. The advisors encourage students to take advantage of opportunities offered by generation Rwanda and their universities and offer guidance on academic performance, healthcare, career development and participation in extracurricular activities. If a student needs additional academic assistance in a particular subject, we provide support in the form of tutoring services.

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