Our Mission

Generation Rwanda is dedicated to helping orphans and other socially vulnerable young people in Rwanda pursue a university education and ultimately become leaders in fostering economic development and social reconciliation.

Our scholarship and leadership education program provides comprehensive support - including tuition, housing, healthcare and a wide range of additional training programs-which empowers our students to become Rwanda's next dynamic professionals and leaders in their как приватизировать квартиру. There are currently 145 students receiving generation Rwanda scholarships; 106 graduates of our program are currently graduates.

Each generation of Rwandan students has shown academic talent and personal motivation-and comes from a sensitive environment. Most of the students are children without parents. More than half of our students are women; in general, women are a minority of Rwandan students. Our mission is to believe that promoting access to higher education for motivated but vulnerable young people supports Rwanda's efforts to harness its intellectual and entrepreneurial talents. These efforts will only succeed if all students who stand out-including orphans and vulnerable youth-have the opportunity to earn a university diploma and become the people they want to be.

our mission

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